Boiler Room

Pins in the Boiler Room

Did you ever notice that a lot of the hidden collectible pins end up in the Boiler Room? More pins have been hidden in that room than anywhere else in Club Penguin over the years. A total of 10 pins have been hidden there so far. It’s particular popular with pins for the Medieval Party: the Anvil, King’s Crown and Brazier pins have all been hidden here either during or leading up to that party each Spring. Why do you think this is such a popular place for the pins? The boiler room is kind of a simple and dreary place. It’s only other main function is to house all the archives of the Club Penguin Times. The next most popular locations for pins in Club Penguin are the Dock, the Forest and the Pizza Parlor.

Here’s a list of all the pins that have been hidden in the Boiler Room so far.

  • Baseball
  • Snow Shovel
  • Book
  • Anvil
  • 150th Newspaper
  • King’s Crown
  • Beach Umbrella
  • 4th Anniversary
  • Compass
  • Brazier

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