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The Great Snow Race has finally arrived in Club Penguin. This event is the big party for August, 2011. The Great Snow Race is a very long version of normal sled racing and most of the event is about getting up to the top of the mountain to start the race. Once you get there, you can race against other penguins all the way back down. This entire event will be very familiar to anyone who did the Mountain Expedition from last year. Club Penguin re-used a lot of the same elements from that event. Some might even say that they got lazy and pretty much copied the entire thing, but added a sled race to the end of that. Anyway, here is the complete guide to the event.

Great Snow Race Entry

Club Penguin Great Snow Race - Ski Village

The entrance to the Great Snow Race in the Ski Village.

The Great Snow Race begins in the Ski Village. You can get there by using the main map, or you can travel there by clicking on the poster that appears in Town. Once you arrive, you’ll see a huge sign for the race. One of Gary’s AC 3000 air conditioner devices is here to add a little more ice to the area, and you’ll see a race medal stand over to the right. Walk under the sign to get to the next zone.

Supply Camp

Club Penguin Great Snow Race - Supply Camp

The Supply Camp at the base of the mountain in the Great Snow Race.

The next zone is the Supply Camp. The main thing to do here, if you’re a member, is to browse through the special Great Snow Race supply catalog. There are some cool items that you can buy with coins, but they’re all for looks. They won’t help you climb the mountain or race faster. Here’s a list of the items that you can purchase from the catalog.

  • The Rocket Wig (with snow helmet), 350 coins
  • Slush Stopper goggles, 150 coins
  • Blast-Off Board, 400 coins
  • Yellow Hiking Shoes, 200 coins
  • Red Hiking Shoes, 200 coins

Club Penguin Great Snow Race Catalog

After you’re done browsing the catalog, head up to the top of the screen (near the half pipe sign) to proceed to the next zone.

Ice Cavern

Club Penguin Great Snow Race - Ice Cavern

The Ice Cavern and the Icicle Wall at the Great Snow Race.

This room looks a lot like the puzzle room from last year’s Mountain Expedition. In that room, there was a puzzle where you had to click all of the icicles at the top in a special sequence to get the ice wall to open. This year, Club Penguin eliminated the puzzle part and made this room a whole lot easier. Now all you need to do is to click all of the icicles. Once you do, the wall will open and you can walk through to get to the next zone. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Base Camp

Club Penguin Great Snow Race - Base Camp

Hanging out at the Base Camp in the Great Snow Race on Club Penguin.

Welcome to Base Camp. There’s very little to do here, but you can sit around the camp fire (walk near it to see it light up). There’s a big screen here showing the Great Snow Race in action. If you look closely, you can see the racers shoot by down the slope right behind the screen. Once you’ve had enough of the Base Camp, waddle past the sign pointing to the Sled Race to get to the top of the mountain.


Well, we’re not quite there yet. Here’s another short puzzle you need to do. It seems that the bridge over the chasm is out and you’ll need to improvise. This is the exact same scenario from last year’s Mountain Expedition, and here’s what you need to do.

  1. Click on the branch in the lower-left corner to lift it up and then click on it four more times to sweep the snow off the axe.
  2. Click on the axe to lift it and then click on it several times to chop down the tree stump. It will fall onto one end of a sheet of ice.
  3. Throw snowballs at all of the icicles that are dangling up above the other end of the ice sheet.
  4. The icicles will drop and flip the stump up over the chasm.

Waddle across the log to get to the next zone.

EPF Members: There’s a secret room in the lower-right corner, where you see a sign that says, “EPF Only” and some caution tape. Walk past that sign to go into the secret room and get a special free item. See below for all the details.

Top of the Mountain

Club Penguin Great Snow Race - Mountain Top

We’re finally here. Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you’ll earn a special stamp, the Mountaineer. From here, you can join in the Great Snow Race, which is a special extended version of the Sled Racing game we all know and love. Join in to head back down the mountain on board an inner tube.

Secret EPF Room

EPF agents can access a secret room from the log bridge area on the mountain. Once inside, you’ll find a hidden cave with a viking ship and a frozen walrus inside. Once again, it’s the same room as the Mountain Expedition. But this time, there’s a free item in here: an Infrared Tracker. Waddle up to the top of the room to get it.

Club Penguin EPF Infrared Tracker

Club Penguin Great Snow Race Video

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Dario August 26, 2011 at 12:13 am

At the supply camp you can get to the top if you go to the right of the “Ice climb” sign.

me September 30, 2011 at 1:17 pm

aww no fair its september and i cant get that stuff no fair

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