Club Penguin Earth Day Stamps

Earth Day Party Stamps in Club Penguin

Club Penguin has added two more stamps to the stamp book for the Earth Day Party. One is available to everyone and the other is for members only. Here’s a look at the two stamps you can earn while the Earth Day Party is going on.

  • Go Green (everyone): Recycle 10 objects at the Recycling Plant.
  • Tree Mob (members only): Get 10 or more friends to dress up as trees.

You can earn the first stamp by visiting the Recycling Plant at the Mine. Go inside and throw snowballs into the chute using your T key. Do this 10 times and you win the stamp. Easy peasy! The second stamp requires you to find 10 members who have a tree costume that they can wear. Next you need to get everyone together. This will be a lot easier on crowded/popular servers.

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