Club Penguin Field Ops 42

Club Penguin Field Ops 42 – Stealth Training

There’s a new Field-Ops Mission available for EPF agents. As always, click on your spy phone and head to the EPF HQ building to accept the assignment and get started. This time, Agent D has prepared a special stealth training exercise. She has hidden a micro-computer in an everyday object. You need to search the island for it, but remain undetected.

The object is hidden in the plant in the corner of the Coffee Shop. Once you stand over it, your spy phone will turn green and vibrate, and you can click on it to begin this week’s puzzle.

The puzzle this week is the Decrypt the Passcode game. You need to match the piece on the right with the correct one in the field of pieces on the left. When you complete the puzzle, you’ll get another EPF medal, which you can turn in for special gear.

There’s also a message from Dot at the end that mentions something about EPF classes. We’ll learn more next week.

Message from Dot - EPF Field Ops 42

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