Purple and Pink Puffle Pins

Purple and Pink Puffle Pins

There are two brand-new collectible hidden pins in Club Penguin this week. They are the purple and puffle pins. Remember that for the next few weeks, Club Penguin is hiding two puffle pins at a time to celebrate everyone’s favorite fuzzy pets. Here’s how to find both of them.

Purple Puffle Pin

The purple puffle pin is in the pizza parlor at the plaza. That’s a lot of p’s! You’ll find him up on the mantle of the brick oven over on the left.

Club Penguin Purple Puffle Pin at Pizza Parlor

The purple puffle pin hidden inside the pizza parlor.

Pink Puffle Pin

The pink puffle pin is at the Cove. Look down in the very lower-left corner to find him.

Club Penguin Pink Puffle Pin at Cove

The pink puffle pin hidden at the Cove.

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