Club Penguin EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy

New Message from Jet Pack Guy

EPF Agents have been seeing their spy phones light up with all kinds of messages over the past week. The latest is from Jet Pack Guy, who left the following message:

Yo everyone – I’ve been investigating some unusual computer activity. I’ve given my report to G – look for new orders soon.

New orders? Will this be a regular Field Ops mission or is something bigger in the works. Over the past few days, we saw an exchange between Klutzy the crab and Rookie, too.

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Mo March 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm

OK this question has nothing to do with this page but i really want to know where all the rainbow puffle hats and jackets are coming from. i see members and nonmembers wearing it. i really want one but when i ask the peguin who has it they seem to have safechat… can you help??

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