Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011

It’s time once again for the Club Penguin Puffle Party and everything is in full swing this week on Club Penguin. The latest edition of the Puffle Party begins today and runs through next week. It’s a celebration of everything puffle on the island and this year’s special guest is the brand-new brown puffle.

Free Item: Blue Puffle Hat

The free item for this year’s party is the Blue Puffle Hat. You’ll find it in a large box sitting in the Plaza right outside the entrance to the Pet Shop. Put it on and get ready to party like a puffle.

Club Penguin Blue Puffle Hat

The blue puffle hat is in a box outside the Pet Shop in the Plaza.

Rooftop Access

Members can go enjoy the rooftop area of the Night Club during the party. To get there, go to the lounge on the second floor of the Night Club. The entrance is over on the left. If you’re a member, the elevator to take you up there will open. Up on the roof itself, there’s a dance party going on and DJ Cadence makes appearances from time to time.

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 Rooftop

Party and dance on the Rooftop above the Night Club.

Puffle Show

Members can also attend the Puffle Show, being held in a special area in the Ski Village. Bring your puffle to the show and walk it up to the starting line of the obstacle course in the bottom left corner. It will run through the course and later you can bring it over to the puffle grooming chairs or put it up on one of the judging station platforms.

Club Penguin Puffle Show Entrance

The entrance to the puffle show in the Ski Village.

Party Puffle Stamp

Club Penguin Party Puffle Stamp

There’s even a special stamp just for the party. It’s called the Party Puffle stamp. To get it, you need to bring any of your puffles to their special party room. The room is different for each puffle, but you only need to bring one puffle to the correct room to earn the new stamp. Here’s a list of the different party rooms for each of the puffles.

  • Brown – Dance Lounge (second floor of night club)
  • Purple – Night Club main floor
  • Red – Cove
  • Pink – Iceberg
  • Yellow – Inside Lighthouse
  • Green – On top of lighthouse (beacon)
  • White – Inside Mine
  • Orange – Box Dimension (see below)
  • Black – Underground Pool (now a skating rink)
  • Blue – Forest

Box Dimension Open for Party

The mysterious Box Dimension is open again for everyone during the party. You’ll find a group of orange puffles in here enjoying a mountain of chocolate chip cookies. To get into the Box Dimension, go to the beach and walk through the huge portal box near the lighthouse.

Orange Puffles in Box Dimension

The orange puffles are enjoying themselves in the Box Dimension.

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