Club Penguin Field Ops 33

Club Penguin Field Ops 33 – Herbert’s Hidden Device

In the latest Club Penguin Field Ops Mission, Herbert the Polar Bear has hidden a device inside a box and EPF agents must find and disable it. To start this mission, click on your spy phone and head to HQ.

Club Penguin Field Ops 33 Box Dimension

Walk to the bottom-left corner in the Box Dimension.

Now head for the Box Dimension. You can get there most easily by going to the Beach, where there’s a Box Dimension portal set up during the Puffle Party. Or you can use a box dimension portal if you have one in your igloo or a friend’s igloo. Once you arrive, walk to the bottom-left corner and your phone will vibrate and turn green. Click on it to start this week’s puzzle, which is the circuit-matching game.

Once you win, you’ll get a special message from Herbert, who loves to taunt secret agents in Club Penguin.

Herbert's Message in Field Ops 33

Here’s the full video walkthrough for Field Ops 33.

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