Club Penguin Field Ops 31

Club Penguin Field Ops 31 – Wilderness

Field Ops 31 is now available. In this mission, you’ll scour the wilderness for clues about where the Ultimate Protobot came from and who is behind its appearance. To complete the mission, first head to the new wilderness area. Use your map to go to the dock and then follow the sign to the wilderness area.

Club Penguin Field Ops in the Wilderness

Stand here to start the puzzle for this week's field ops mission.

Next, walk to the right and enter the Wilderness. Walk to the first rock on the path leading to the right (underneath the keyboard dangling from the trees). Your spy phone will light up green and vibrate. Click it to start this week’s puzzle, which is the Master Mind game. Here’s the full video walkthrough in case you get stuck.

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mikaela February 19, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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