Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Cheats

Club Penguin Cheats for Card-Jitsu Water

Club Penguin Card-Jitsy Water has arrived! This is the newest installment in Card-Jitsu and you can access it in the Water Dojo, a special new room accessible from inside the secret ninja hideout. Card-Jitsu Water is a completely new game that relies much more on timing and speed than regular Card-Jitsu or Card-Jitsu Fire. Are you ready to take on the challenge to become a Water Ninja? Then read on for all the Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water cheats and secrets.

The Water Dojo

Inside the Water Dojo in Club Penguin

To get started, head to the Water Dojo, which you can reach from within the secret ninja hideout. Of course, you’ll already need to have your ninja black belt to enter. Click on the water icon stone and a doorway will appear in the center. Walk through it and you’ll be in the new Water Dojo. You can read instructions for the new game on the right, or walk right up to Sensei to start playing.

Card-Jitsu Water Instructions

Here’s how to play Card-Jitsu Water.

  1. Cards will appear and then scroll across the bottom of your screen. Pick one.
  2. Clear off an adjacent stone (highlighted in green) by playing your card on it. Remember that your card must beat that stone’s symbol. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Snow, and Snow beats Water.
  3. Once the stone is clear, you can jump to it.
  4. Reach the gong at the end first, or be the final penguin to survive to win. The further along you get, the more experience you’ll earn.
  5. Kick the gong to get bonus experience.
  6. Throw down cards on empty stones to block your opponents

When one player reaches the gong, a tidal wave will appear and sweep everyone else (and all the stones) down the waterfall.

Card-Jitsu Water Cheats and Strategy

This game is much faster-paced game than regular Card-Jitsu or Card-Jitsu Fire. You’ll need to move quickly and make decisions fast if you want to when. Having a fast Internet connection really helps, especially when it’s crowded and there’s a lot of lag. Often, the person who wins will be the one with the best connection.

Your first goal is to clear a path. But don’t forget that you can jump on empty squares that opponents have already cleared. And remember that you can block your opponents (especially the ones near you) with new obstacles.

If you can, try to reach the gong, because this gives you bonus experience.

Card-Jitsu Water Gear

There are four pieces to the Card-Jitsu Water Ninja suit. They are the Helmet of Oceans, the Torrent Mask, the Waterfall Coat, and the Wave Sandals.

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Clothes

The four clothing items for the Card-Jitsu Water ninja suit.

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