Club Penguin Halloween Decorating Contest 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Decorating Contest 2010

Players can now enter the 2010 Club Penguin Halloween Decorating Contest, which runs from October 15 through October 17. You can read all the instructions in the Club Penguin Times newspaper, and here are the basics.

  1. Decorate your igloo in a Halloween theme. Spooky, silly, whatever Halloween means to you.
  2. Look fo rthe ‘Submit Igloo’ button in your igloo. This button will only be around October 15-17.
  3. When your igloo is the way you like it, just press the submit button in your igloo.
  4. REMEMBER: Don’t change your igloo once you’ve entered the contest!

There will be 20 grand prize winners and 20 runner-ups. The grand prize winners get 50,000 coins and their winning igloos will be featured in the Club Penguin Times. The runner-ups will get 25,000 coins and their names featured in the Times.

Club Penguin Igloo Submit Button

The submit igloo button is the golden igloo that appears on the right side of the screen when you’re editing your igloo. It’s pretty hard to miss! When you click on it you’ll get a pop up window confirming that you want to submit the igloo. Have fun decorating, and don’t forget that submissions end on Sunday, October 17.

Club Penguin Halloween Igloo Contest

Enter the contest for a chance to win 50,000 coins!

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