Club Penguin Halloween Costumes 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Costumes 2010

Halloween is coming soon and it will be celebrated on Club Penguin in a big way this month at the upcoming Club Penguin Halloween Party. And the best news is that this month’s issue of Club Penguin Style is already out which means that members can purchase several Halloween costumes for their penguins.

There are three new featured costumes in the Penguin Style catalog this year. They are the Lady Frankenpenguin, the Witch, and the Count. The Lady Frankenpenguin is two items and together they cost 750 coins. The Witch outfit is also two items and costs 800 coins. The Count outfit is three pieces and costs 1,000 coins.

Club Penguin Halloween Costumes 2010

Three new Halloween costumes in Club Penguin

Here is what the new costumes look like on the main screen.

Club Penguin Halloween Costumes 2010 (small)

The new Club Penguin Halloween costumes as seen on the main game screen.

And there are some old costumes in the catalog that we’ve seen before. There’s a Pharaoh, Mummy and a Cleopatra costume that were first introduced in the Costume Trunk at the Stage. You’ll also find the Faery, the Bumble Bee and the Blizzard Wizzard. And there is also a secret hidden costume in the catalog: the Frankenpenguin costume and head.

What do you think of this year’s new costumes? Are they as good as last year’s?

My favorite Halloween costume for Club Penguin is the Vampire. But I think that’s just because I like vampires. This is totally random, but I’m pretty stoked about Vampire’s Curse Island in Poptropica. It’s the 25th island mission in the game and it’s all about vampires and werewolves.

The Halloween fun on Club Penguin doesn’t end with the costumes. Next week there will be a new issue of Better Igloos, the Club Penguin Igloo furniture catalog and it will contain tons of Halloween items to decorate your igloo. And Club Penguin will be holding an igloo decorating contest on the 15th and 16th of October to celebrate. And of course the main event, the Club Penguin Halloween Party, starts on October.

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