Club Penguin Field Ops 17

Club Penguin Field Ops 17 – Underground

The radio scanner that Club Penguin EPF agents assembled at the end of Club Penguin Field Ops 16 is now ready to be put to use and here in Club Penguin Field Ops 17 you’ll take the scanner deep underground to try and intercept radio signals. As always, the first place to go is to the EPF Command Center to accept the mission. Once you do, head to the Underground Pool, either by teleporting with your EPF spy phone or just using the Map to go to the Plaza and then heading down through the manhole (or is it penguin hole) cover in the street.

Underground Pool in Club Penguin Field Ops 17

Waddle over to the window to play Field Ops 17's puzzle.

Stand next to the center window and then your spy phone will light up green and vibrate. Click on it to do this week’s puzzle, which is an adaptation of the classic Master Mind game. In this game, you guess the type and position of four pieces on the board. Each time you submit your guesses, you get feedback on how close you are with each one. If it lights up green, you have the right symbol in the right place. If it lights up yellow, you have the right symbol, but in the wrong place. Finally, if it lights up red, you have the wrong symbol entirely. You can use these clues to deduce the next best moves. Check out the video to see exactly how it’s played.

Club Penguin Field Ops 17 Master Mind Game

The puzzle in Field Ops 17 is just like the classic Master Mind game.

Club Penguin Field Ops 17 Walkthrough Video

Here is the short but complete walkthrough for all of Club Penguin Field Ops 17.

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