Preparations for Club Penguin Fall Fair

Fall Fair Preparations and Rockhopper

The Club Penguin Fair for 2010 is only a few days away and you can already see a lot of the preparations underway at the Beach. There are a lot of boxes and crates stacked up out in front of the lighthouse. Usually more of the island is under construction for upcoming parties, but this time you’ll only find stuff at the Beach. For an extra peek at what’s planned, waddle up to the top of the lighthouse and click on the telescope to see Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, on it’s way. It’s overloaded with party gear! The Fall Fair starts on September 3, 2010!

Rockhopper's Ship is arriving with party gear

The Migrator on its way to the island for the Fall Fair

The Migrator’s arrival means that Rockhopper will be on the island. In addition to the Fair Fair he’ll be bringing pirate stuff for members to buy and a free item for everyone. And don’t forget to use the Rockhopper Tracker to pinpoint him. This will be everyone’s first chance to get one of the famous penguin sighting stamps for their Club Penguin Stamps books.

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