Club Penguin Field Ops 15

Club Penguin Field Ops 15 – Buoy Scanner

The Club Penguin EPF Field Ops missions continue this week with Field Ops Mission 15. In this mission, you need to restart the damaged scanner, which is disguised as a buoy. Someone is sabotaging the work that the EPF is doing! As always, click on your EPF spy phone to go to the EPF Command Room and get the new mission.

Club Penguin Field Ops 15 Buoy

Look for the green buoy outside the lighthouse.

The clue is that the scanner is disguised as a buoy. Use your map to head to the Beach and then walk over to the green buoy with the number 6 on it. It’s right up against the side of the lighthouse. When you walk over it, your spy phone will vibrate and blink with a green light. Click on it to start this week’s puzzle. It’s the return of the drop game, which we’ve seen a few times now. You need to line up your piece with the matching piece at the top. The game starts out very slow and easy but gets harder in each round. The most important tip to remember is to return your piece to the center after each round. That way, you’re never more than two key presses from a match.

Here’s the full video walkthrough for Field Ops 15.

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