Club Penguin Field Ops 14

Club Penguin Field Ops 14 – Radio Scanner

Another Field Ops mission is here. As always, click on your blinking red spy phone to begin and travel to the EPF Command Center to get your next assignment. This week, we learn that the EPF suspects that the villain behind all the vandalizing going on may not be Herbert after all! Does that mean we might have a new bad guy to fight in Club Penguin? I wonder who it could be? Well, the first thing is to finish this week’s mission. Accept the field op and then travel to the iceberg.

Club Penguin Field Ops 14 Iceberg

Stand up on the corner of the iceberg to start this week's Field Ops puzzle.

When you arrive, waddle up to the highest point on the ‘berg in the top left corner. Your spy phone light will turn green and it will vibrate. Click on it to start the puzzle. Once again, it’s the battery charging puzzle. Everyone’s puzzle board is different, but watch the video to see how it’s done.

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