Club Penguin Fair 2010

Club Penguin Fair 2010 Cheats

The 2010 edition of the Club Penguin Fair has arrived here on Club Penguin. A lot of the areas of the island are decorated with a festival theme and there are plenty of secrets, surprises, fun games, and more. Read on for all the Club Penguin Fair cheats.

How to Win Tickets and Get Prizes

Club Penguin Fair ticket

The biggest part of the Fair are the different games you can play to earn tickets. These tickets can then be redeemed to earn prizes. You can see how many tickets you have in the upper-right corner of your screen. Play the different games to win more. Remember: you lose all your tickets when you log out of Club Penguin, so redeem any tickets you win right away!

  • Step 1: Play any of the Fair games to win tickets.
  • Step 2: Go to a prize both in the Forest or at the entrance to the Great Puffle Circus (for members).
  • Step 3: Click on the booth and trade your tickets for prizes!

To redeem the prizes, visit either the main prize booth at the Forest or if you’re a member, you can go to the one at the Great Puffle Circus. The main booth has a number of different prizes available and more items will arrive next week.

Fair prizes for Club Penguin

The main prize booth at the Forest has a number of prizes available.

Here’s a run down of all the activities for the Fair by location.


Start out in Town to see the decorations of the Coffee Shop, the Night Club and the Gift Shop. There’s also a Magic Show stand in the middle. It doesn’t appear to do anything, but it’s fun to stand on top of it and pretend to give a Magic Show. Right next to it you’ll see a fair poster telling you that captains are needed. Click on the Go There button to visit the Beach.


Club Penguin Fair 2010 Beach

The beach features Rockhopper's ship and the Memory Card game.

The highlight of the Beach is the Memory Card Game. It’s a simple game where you turn over cards and try to match up the pictures. The fewer tries it takes you to match them all up, the more tickets you win. The beach is of course where Rockhopper’s ship has landed, so waddle on over to go inside and see what he’s brought.

Rockhopper at the Fair

Club Penguin Rockhopper Items for September 2010

Rockhopper brought a little magic to Club Penguin for the Fair.

Club Penguin Magician Costume

Rockhopper arrived just in time to kick off the start of the Club Penguin Fair. You’ll find his ship, the Migrator, docked at the beach as usual. Go inside the ship’s hold to see the free items and the things Rockhopper has for sale. It’s a complete magician’s outfit. The free item is the Top Hat, and members can buy a magician’s wand and a magician’s cloak along with a curtain for their igloo. Put them on and head back to town to give a quick little magic show on the podium.

The Dock

Waddle over to the Dock to play Ring the Bell and Puffle Shuffle, two popular and fun games for earning tickets at the Fair. Both of these games have appeared at previous fairs and are pretty easy to play.

Snow Forts

Snow Fort Games

The snow forts has a special area with exclusive games.

The Snow Forts has a special area with Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop, two popular games returning from previous fairs in Club Penguin.


Club Penguin Fair at the Forest

Play games and enter the Great Puffle Circus at the Forest.

Go to the Forest to play Puffle Paddle and to redeem your tickets for prizes at the Prize Booth. The entrance to the Great Puffle Circus is here. It’s a members-only area.

Great Puffle Circus

Outside the Great Puffle Circus

The outside of the Great Puffle Circus tent and prize booth.

The Great Puffle Circus has returned. Members can enter the area from the Forest. The outside features the members-only prize booth with several items that members can trade in their tickets to receive.

Prizes for Members at Great Puffle Circus

Some of the prizes members can win at the Club Penguin Fair.

Go inside the tent to see the Great Puffle Circus in action. You can select a puffle color and then you’ll see each puffle perform a certain act. They’re very entertaining!

Inside the Great Puffle Circus Tent

See all the action under the Big Top at the Great Puffle Circus.


Club Penguin Fair 2010 Cove

Play Feed a Puffle at the Club Penguin Cove

Go to the Cove to play Feed-a-Puffle and to visit the Popcorn booth. The popcorn booth is just for decoration, but it looks cool. Feed a Puffle is a fun game to play.


Club Penguin Iceberg for Fair 2010

The iceberg sure looks different.

The iceberg may win the award for best decoration. It’s been completely transformed into a giant slide filled with colored plastic balls. Wheeee!

Ski Village

Club Penguin Fair Ski Village

Wave at Rockhopper at the Ski Village

There’s not much to do at the Ski Village, but you should stop by to marvel at the enormous waving statue of Captain Rockhopper at the base of the mountain.

Many of the other areas like the Plaza, Coffee Shop and a few other places are decked out with Fair decorations as well. What do you think of this year’s Club Penguin Fair?

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SOMEONE THAT IS AWESOME!! September 11, 2010 at 2:00 pm


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The fair was so cool!
But I forgot to go on the Iceburg…

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lol ppl i found rockhopper 2 times at the plaza and the beach but thats so darn weird why would go to the plaza?

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