Club Penguin Better Igloos August 2010

Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog Cheats for August and September 2010

It’s the middle of the month (already?) and that means it’s time once again for a new issue of the Club Penguin Better Igloos catalog. There’s a very cool new feature starting with this edition. Now you can customize your own furniture with different colors and patterns. It works just like the same feature that they introduced with t-shirts in the Club Penguin clothing catalog a ways back. The way it works is that you choose one of three pieces of furniture and then one of three colors, followed by one of five patterns. Then you get your own customized piece of furniture for your igloo.

Of course there are also some good hidden cheats and secrets in the catalog this month and this video takes a quick look at them.

Here’s a list of all the hidden items:

  • Climbing Wall – 1,000 coins – Click on the top part of the Modern Art
  • Quarter Note – 120 coins – Click on the bottom part of the Wall Speaker
  • Drum Kit – 760 coins – Click on the DJ Table turntables
  • Guitar Stand – 300 coins – Click on the light square in the Disco Ball
  • Lanterns – 175 coins – Click on the word Disco in Disco Ball
  • Music Stand – 250 coins – Click on the round part of the Eighth Note
  • Tropical Palm – 300 coins – Click on the top part of the cash register in the background of the Penguin Mannequin
  • HD TV – 1,000 coins – Click on the top of the Clothes Rack
  • Mermaid Vanity – 735 coins – Click on the opening in the Stone Wall
  • Bamboo Torch – 200 coins – Click on the porthole on the Pirate Ship

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