Club Penguin Field Ops 8 - Ninja Danger

Club Penguin Field Ops 8 – Ninja Danger

Another Club Penguin EPF Field Ops mission is now available. This time, the Ninjas at the Dojo may be in danger and it’s your job to eliminate the threat. To get started, click on your EPF spy phone and go to the EPF Command Center to get the new assignment. After that, use your map or the phone to travel to the Dojo.

The mission says to look for technology that ninjas don’t normally use. The most obvious example is the big film projector right outside the Dojo. Walk over to it and your spy phone will vibrate and the green light will come on.

Projector at Dojo in Club Penguin

Walk over to the projector to start the puzzle.

Click it to start the next part of the assignment, which is the circuit-matching puzzle we’ve seen in a few earlier EPF missions. After you finish this assignment, you’ll earn another badge. If you want, you can trade them in for Elite gear or keep saving them.

So far these EPF missions have been very repetitive and we keep getting the same puzzle challenges. I hope the Club Penguin staff starts making different puzzles to try.

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