Rockhopper's Ship Departing

Rockhopper Departing

A lot of people are wondering if Rockhopper is going to show up at the Music Jam 2010, which starts this weekend. Some folks are reporting that they can see Rockhopper’s ship arriving when they look through the telescope up on the beacon at the top of the lighthouse. But Rockhopper’s ship isn’t arriving when you look through the telescope. It’s departing. See, you’re looking at the back, or stern of the ship and not the bow.

Because Rockhopper was just visiting for the Adventure Party, it’s very unlikely that he’d be turning right around and visiting the island again for the Music Jam. However, we probably will get visits from other celebrity penguins like DJ Cadence, Gary the Gadget Guy and Aunt Arctic. Of course, the Club Penguin Band always shows up for the Music Jam as well.

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