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Club Penguin has just released a major new feature to the game, Club Penguin stamps. These are items that you can earn by performing certain actions in the game and you are able to collect them and show them off in your own stampbook. The stamps are rewarded for all kind of different activities in the game and are organized into three main categories: events, categories and games. You’ll be able to earn some of them on your own, but several will require working with other penguins in the game. You will not only see all of your own stamps, but you can see all the stamps other penguins have earned by checking out their player cards.

The stamp book was released on July 27 and you can start earning stamps right away. Each stamp you can earn in the game will appear in the book along with a description of how to earn it. Of course, you can check back here once the stamp books come out to learn how to earn all the stamps in Club Penguin, along with all the Club Penguin stamp book cheats and secrets.

Earn stamps in Club Penguin

How to Earn Stamps in Club Penguin

The Stamps

The stamps are organized into three different categories. Your stamp book gives you all the information you need to earn each of the stamps. Here’s a complete reference guide to all of them.


Right now there is just one group of stamps in the Events category and that is characters. There are eight characters that you can meet in the game to win a stamp. If you are in the same room as any of these characters, you’ll earn the appropriate stamp. These are the same characters who sometimes appear in game and give out autographed player cards when you meet them. Sensei, who always appears in the Dojo and Fire Dojo, doesn’t provide a stamp.

Gary the Gadget Guy
Franky (Club Penguin Band)
G Billy (Club Penguin Band)
Petey K (Club Penguin Band)
Stompin’ Bob (Club Penguin Band)
Aunt Arctic


There are currently 22 stamps that you can earn in the Activities section and these are all varied things that you can do in game. Some are earned just for playing the game, like the 183 and 365 stamps, which you earn for having a penguin who is at least 183 and 365 days old. Here are all the activities stamps along with how you earn them.

Stamp Description Tips
Stage Crew Operate the Switchbox 3000 Go to the Stage in the plaza and click on all the levers and switches on the Switchbox 3000
Underground Find the secret entrance to the underground  
Snapshot Use a camera on top of the Ski Hill Equip your camera (neck item) and go to the Ski Hill. Then use the Wave action to take a picture and get the stamp.
Go Swimming Swim in water with a rubber duck  
Clock Target Hit the Clock target 10 times in a row Do this at the snow forts. It’s easiest to stand next to the target. Try getting the Fort Battle stamp at the same time.
183 days! Log in with a penguin 183 days or older  
Going Places Waddle around 30 rooms Use the Map and your spy phone for faster travels.
Dance Party Party in the Night Club with 10 penguins Go to the Night Club and start dancing. You’ll need ten other penguins to be doing the same thing. Pick a crowded server for best results.
Igloo Party Throw an igloo party for 10 penguins  
Coffee Server Serve 5 coffees using the apron and emote Equip the green coffee apron (body items) and then go to the coffee shop. Use the coffee cup emote five times to get the stamp.
Pizza Waiter Serve 5 pizzas using the apron and emote Equip the pizza apron (body items) and then go to the pizza parlor. Use the pizza emote five times to get the stamp.
365 days! Log in with a penguin 365 days or older  
Puffle Owner Adopt and care for 16 puffles  
Floor Filler Dance in the Night Club with 25 penguins Go to the Night Club and start dancing. You’ll need 25 other penguins to be doing the same thing. Pick a crowded server for best results.
Full House Fill your igloo with 99 furniture items  
Play it Loud! Form a full band at the Lighthouse  
Berg Drill! Dance with 30 penguins wearing hard hats at the Berg Go to the Iceberg and wear just your construction helmet. Then start dancing and you will begin to jackhammer the iceberg. If you can get 30 other penguins to do the same thing, you’ll get this stamp. Best on a crowded server.
Fort Battle Throw snow at the Forts with 5 penguins of the same color Go to the snow forts and get five other penguins to have the same color. Then everyone start throwing snowballs.
Hockey Team Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey  
Soccer Team Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey  
Party Host Throw an igloo party for 30 penguins  
Ninja Meeting Meet 10 black belts in the Ninja Hideout  


Most of the stamps are earned by playing the different mini-games in Club Penguin. There are currently 77 stamps in total in this category, and they’re grouped together by the different games you can play.

Thin Ice

There are 9 stamps to win in Thin Ice.

Jet Pack Adventure

You can win up to 14 stamps in Jet Pack Adventure.

Catchin’ Waves

There are 22 stamps to win in Catchin’ Waves.

Astro Barrier

Astro Barrier gives you 12 stamps to earn.

Aqua Grabber

Master Aqua Grabber and you can win up to 20 different stamps.

Edit and Customize Your Stamp Book

A really neat thing about the stamp books is that you can edit and customize them to your liking. By default, the Club Penguin Stamp Book is brown with yellow lettering and is pretty bare. But you can change the color, highlight text, and even add a pattern or change the icon for the clasp. Even better, you can place any stamps you’ve earned on the cover.

To edit your stamp book, look for the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the screen when you’re looking at the cover of the book. It can be a little hard to see at first, so check out this screenshot to see where it is.

Edit Club Penguin stamp book

Click on the pencil icon to edit your stamp book in Club Penguin.

You’ll get an editing screen where you can make all the changes you want. When you’re done editing, look for the icon of the floppy disk in the same lower-right corner to save your changes.

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