Club Penguin Field Ops 6 - Computer Attack

Club Penguin Field Ops 6 – Computer Attack

There’s a new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission available at the EPF Command Center. This one involves a computer attack on the EPF system. You need to search the island to find the computer being used to attack and then shut it down.

The computer used in the attack is at the Recycling Center over at the Mine. Go to the Mine on your map and then walk into the Recycling Center building on the left. Once inside, walk all the way to the right side of the room to where there’s a computer on the desk. Once you arrive at the computer, your EPF spy phone will blink green and vibrate. Click on it to start the next part of the mission, where you’ll attempt to disable the computer.

Computer in the Recycling Center

The computer in the Recycling Center

They’ve introduced a new puzzle for this field-op and it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is match your block of colored code at the bottom with the one in the falling set of blocks above. You move your block using the arrow keys on your keypad. The falling blocks start out slowly but get faster each time. Here are two tips to make this puzzle a lot easier.

  1. Don’t over-press the arrow keys because you might move too far. Just press lightly then release the key.
  2. After each match, return your piece to the center. That way, you’ll never need to move more than two times to match.
Match code in this EPF Field Op

Line up the blocks in this EPF Field Ops mission

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