Club Penguin EPF Field-Ops 4

Club Penguin Field-Ops 4 – Black Out

There’s another EPF Field-ops mission available at the EPF command center, giving you another chance to earn a point towards all of your EPF gear. This time, the EPF surveillance network has had a major black out and they’re not sure who or what is responsible. You need to find the broken network, which is disguised inside a counch.

There are a lot of couches around Club Penguin, but the one you’re looking for is in the Ski Lodge attic. Go to the ski village, then go inside the lodge and climb up the ladder to the attic. Walk onto the red couch on the left and when you do, your EPF spy phone will turn green and buzz. Click on it to do the puzzle.

Couch in Ski Lodge Attic

Walk onto this couch to do the EPF Field Ops puzzle.

This puzzle is an exact repeat of the puzzle from EPF Mission 2, so if you want more help with this one, click here for detailed instructions. It looks like Club Penguin is just repeating the missions. They did the same puzzles in #1 and #3 and now in #2 and #4. I hope we get a new puzzle for EPF Field Ops 5 next week!

EPF Field-Ops Black Out Puzzle

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