Club Penguin Field Ops Broken Antenna

Club Penguin Field-Ops: Broken Antenna

There’s a new Elite Penguin Force (EPF) Field-Ops Mission available on Club Penguin. It looks like we’ll be getting a new EPF mini-mission each week. Just like last week’s Field-Op task, this one is quick and simple to do. At the end, you’ll get another Field Op medal that can be saved or traded in for special EPF gear.

To begin the new mission, click on your EPF phone in the lower-left corner of the screen. It will tell you a new Field-Op is available, and you can click on the “Go There” button to head immediately to the EPF Headquarters. Once you arrive, click on the screen in the upper-right corner to learn more about the mission. Here is what is has to say:

Calling all agents!

Our security system is offline – a broken antenna has left us defenseless!

Sensors show the antenna is up high, but disguised. Search the island, then use your phone to fix it!

Your first task is obviously to locate the broken antenna and the major clue here is that it’s in a high place. Use your map to head to–where else?–the where you’ll find the antenna is hidden on top of the pole at the end of the ski lift. Waddle over to the very top (there will probably be a crowd of other penguins here doing the same thing). When you pass over it, your EPF spy phone will vibrate with a green light. Click on it to continue.

Club Penguin EPF hidden antenna

It's a party at the ski hill as everyone tries to repair the EPF antenna.

Your EPF Spy phone will appear with a message telling you that the location has been found and then it will detail what you need to do to power up the chipset.

Location Found Club Penguin EPF

Instructions on how to fix the circuit in the antenna.

From here, the game is pretty simple but still a little challenging. Use the arrow keys to navigate your micro battery around the circuit board. You need to move it safely to each of the chips and recharge them. While traveling, you have to avoid the red traps. If your micro battery runs out of power (and it will at least once) you need to go back to the starting area, which is the battery recharger.

One of the chips is blocked by an orange lock and to open it, you need to pick up the orange key which is placed on the board.

The playing board is different for everyone and it changes each time you play this game.

Avoid Traps in Field-Ops

Wait in a safe place for the traps to rotate.

The key to winning is patience. You’ll need to wait sometimes for the traps to adjust so that they don’t hit you. Both kinds of traps move in a clockwise motion and pause for a few seconds before either shooting electricity or extending a charged metal arm. If you time things right, you can easily avoid them.

When you finish, you’ll get one EPF medal. You can save it up or spend it immediately on EPF elite gear.

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