Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010

The Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010 has arrived in Club Penguin, and as we all expected, it’s a huge party. There are a lot of things to do at this celebration. Some are brand new and some are old favorites from previous Medieval Parties. The annual Medieval Party is one of the biggest events each year in the game, and here’s a guide to all the things you can do at the party.

Free Item: Wizard’s Hat

The blue wizard’s hat is a regular free item at the Medieval Party and it has returned once again to the 2010 edition of the event. If you don’t already have this hat, go to the Lighthouse and you’ll find it inside, sitting on a table in the lower-left corner of the room. This free item is available to everyone.

Club Penguin Blue Wizard Hat

The Blue Wizard's Hat Returns to the Medieval Party at the Lighthouse.'

Knight’s Quest 1

This year there are two Knight’s Quest missions for Club Penguin members to play. The first one is almost exactly the same as last year, but with different rewards, so even if you did the quest last year, you’ll want to try it again. Last year the rewards were a golden knight armor set. This year, it’s black iron. You can read my full walkthrough of the Knight’s Quest 1 if you get stuck. Don’t forget to pick up the free item while you’re there. It’s in a box in the second room, where you throw snowballs at the targets. To start the quest, visit the Underground Pool.

Club Penguin Staff and Shield Box

The staff and shield are in the second room of the first Knight's Quest mission.

Knight’s Quest 2

A second Knight’s Quest was added this year and it’s also a lot of fun to do. Just like with the first one, you need to be a member to participate. In this quest, you’ll need to defeat a dangerous fire-breathing dragon and then you’ll get a chance to enter his treasure room. You can read a full walkthrough of the Knight’s Quest 2 if you’re stuck. There are two free items inside the treasure room at the end: a pile of dragon’s gold that you can put in your igloo and a special toothbrush collectible pin. Yes, a tooth brush pin. Really! You can start this quest right next to the first one at the Underground Pool.

Club Penguin Dragon's Gold and Toothbrush pin

You can get a pile of dragon's gold and a toothbrush pin after you defeat the dragon.

Other highlights for the Medieval Party are similar to those from years before. You can go to the pizza parlor to see a giant round table, or visit the dark tower on top of the Ski Hill. It even has a magic mirror that will answer your questions. And much of the island is redecorated with castles and other medieval items.

Club Penguin Medieval Party Highlights

Highlights for the 2010 Club Penguin Medieval Party

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