Club Penguin Knight's Quest 2

Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 2 2010

A nice surprise in this year’s edition of the Club Penguin Medieval Party is that there are two different Knight’s Quests that Club Penguin members can do. The first Knight’s Quest is just like last year’s version, but with new prizes. But the second quest is all new and has some fun puzzles and an epic battle with a dangerous “dragon.”

First Challenge

To get started, go to the Underground Pool and enter the gate to the right. You’ll arrive in a room that has an island surrounded by what looks like molten lava but is really hot sauce! The objective for this room is to throw snowballs (use the T key for faster throwing) at the torches that each of the four statues in the corners are holding. It takes three hits to quench each torch, but if you wait too long between throws, the torches will flare up again. Once all four torches are extinguished, you can walk across a stone bridge that appears at the top of the room and enter the next area for the second challenge.

Second Challenge

The next room’s challenge features a slider puzzle. You need to slide the key into the lock. You can move the key in any open direction by clicking on one of the arrows. It will slide all the way until it hits an obstacle. The key and lock positions are different each time you do the puzzle, so there’s no one exact way to solve it. Once you finish the puzzle, it will lift up and you can pass through to the next room.

Club Penguin Knight's Quest 2 Slider Puzzle

Get the key into the lock to solve the puzzle and proceed in the quest.

Third Room

The next room doesn’t have a challenge, but it does have a free item! Walk over the bridges to the right and pick up the free item, which is a Noble Horse. It’s a cute little toy horse made out of cardboard boxes and you can ride it. Once you’ve picked it up, keep going to the right side of the room to the exit. And prepare to enter the Dragon’s Den!

Dragon’s Den

Club Penguin Dragon

This dragon is powered by electricity?

Now you’re in the dragon’s den. You must fight this mighty and…um…electrical powered dragon. Use your snowball throwing skills to fill up the barrel with water. Once it’s full, the light on top of the water cannon will turn green and then you can press it to douse the dragon in water. Repeat this three times and the dragon will break down. Hey, water and electricity don’t mix! Sometimes if it takes too long for you to fill the water barrel, the dragon will breathe fire on the cannon and you’ll have to start over. Once you have defeated this electrodragon, the gate in the upper-left corner will lift and you can proceed into the treasure room.

Club Penguin Dragon's Den

Inside the Dragon's Den in Club Penguin

Dragon’s Treasure Room

The final room on the quest is a very odd treasure room. Of course, there’s lots of gold and treasures all over, but what’s with the giant toothbrush and coffee floating in the hot sauce? Walk all the way to the upper-left corner to get the two free items here. First, there’s a pile of dragon’s gold that you can place in your own igloo. Second, there’s a special collectible pin: a toothbrush pin. Grab them both and then exit through the upper-right corner to finish this quest.

Collect the dragon's gold and the toothbrush pin in the treasure room. Yeah, that's right. A toothbrush pin.

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