Entrance to secret level in puffle rescue

Find the Secret Level in Puffle Rescue

If you’ve been to the underground caves since they’ve re-opened, you probably have seen that the door is now locked and requires a special key, which is the Moss Key. This key will let you get into the underwater room inside the underground caves. But to get there, you first need to find the secret level inside the Black Puffle Rescue game. This only works for members in Club Penguin, because you need to be a paid member to play the Black puffle version of the game. Here’s how to get the secret moss key that gives you access to the hidden room.

  1. First, play the Black Puffle version of Puffle Rescue.
  2. One Level 1 of the game, rescue the puffle and wait for the squid shadow to pass above you.
  3. Follow the shadow up, and use the rising air bubbles to stay afloat. Hover over the bubbles until they pop to get back up.
  4. After a short bit, you’ll arrive at a secret area. Go to the right to find the staircase that leads into the underwater room in the caves.
  5. Once you arrive, pick up the Moss Key Pin to be able to enter this room via the door in the underground caves.

Here’s a video on YouTube that shows you how to do this.

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flipperhead8 August 16, 2011 at 2:18 am

i ken right its so annying maybe theres soemthing wrong with it now but i really want that key

son2bmrsbieb January 24, 2012 at 1:21 pm

i go to that room but when i click the x when it shows me how many coins i got it bring me back to my igloo before i even get the key

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