Club Penguin Style Cover March 2010

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for March 2010

It’s the first Friday of the month and Club Penguin fans know what that means: there’s a brand-new issue of Club Penguin Style, the clothing catalog for Club Penguin available in the Gift Shop in Club Penguin. Every month, new items are introduced and the theme for this month centers around the upcoming Club Penguin Play Awards, which begin on March 19. You’ll find lots of fancy outfits that your penguin can wear to the awards. And just as always, there are plenty of Club Penguin cheats and hidden items lying around inside the pages. Here’s a guide to all of the hidden items for this issue.

Top Hat

Click on the stack of white coffee cups on the left side to get the black Top Hat, which costs 350 coins.

Dazzling Blue Top Hat

Need something with a little more style and flair than a plain old black top hat? Click on the bottled water to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, which costs 475 coins.

Dazzling Blue Tux

The dazzling blue outfit isn’t complete without the Dazzling Blue Tux. Click on the light atop the TV camera to find it. It costs 850 coins to purchase.

Brunette Wig and Purple Spring Dress

Both of these items are found by clicking on the top of the tree to the left.

Pastel Suede Jacket

Click on the snowy peak of the mountain in the background to get the Pastel Suede Jacket, which costs 700 coins.

Pom Pom Scarf

The Pom Pom Scarf is yours if you click on the top of the tree bending in from the right. It costs a mere 250 coins to buy.

Jade Necklace

The snowman on the left is wearing a top hat. Click on it to reveal the Jade Necklace, which will cost you 200 coins to purchase.

Pink Snorkel

The pink snorkel can be found by clicking on the snowman’s carrot nose. It costs 200 coins to buy.

Pink Flippers

You can have the pink flippers as well if you click on the snowy mountain peak on the right side of the page. The flippers cost 200 coins.

Red Viking Helmet

Don’t worry! The Red Viking Helmet has returned as always. Now it can be found by clicking on the bubble in the middle of the page where the SCUBA gear is for sale. The Red Viking Helmet costs 750 coins.

Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the red viking helmet to close the window and then repeat the process three times. The Blue Viking Helmet will appear. It costs 1200 coins to purchase.

Long Johns

The red long johns can be yours if you click on the snowy treetop on the left. The long johns can be purchased for 350 coins.

Musical Instruments

There are a few musical instruments half-hidden inside the tree in the middle of the pages. Click on each of them to buy them.

That is all for this issue of Club Penguin Style. There were some good items this month!

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