Club Penguin Puffle Party

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Guide

Hey everyone, by now you’ve probably checked out the Puffle Party on Club Penguin for 2010. There’s a lot to see and do at the party including some good free items, Club Penguin cheats, and some neat surprises. Here’s a complete guide to this year’s exciting puffle party.

Orange Puffle Update: The orange puffles are not yet available for sale in the Pet Shop, but BillyBob hinted on the main CP blog that they will be arriving later this week. Keep your eyes peeled! You’ll need to be a member to purchase the new orange puffle once it comes out.

Free Item: Puffle Hat

Everyone can get the free item for this party, the Club Penguin Puffle Hat, over in the plaza. Look for the box with the free sign next to it and grab your cool-looking puffle hat.

The free puffle hat box in the Plaza of Club Penguin

The free puffle hat box in the Plaza of Club Penguin

Free Item for Members: Puffle Jacket

Members can get inside the Puffle Show at the Ski Village. Once you get inside, you can pick up your puffle jacket from the box on the ground over on the right side.

Free Puffle Jacket for Members at the Puffle Show

Free Puffle Jacket for Members at the Puffle Show

Here’s what you look like wearing both the puffle hat and the puffle jacket.

Puffle Hat and Jacket

Wearing the Puffle Hat and Puffle Jacket

Puffle Show

The main attraction at this year’s puffle party is the Puffle Show, a special event for members only. It’s kind of like the Westminster Dog Show but for puffles. The neat part is that you can bring along any one of your puffles and when you walk up to certain parts, your puffle will do special things. For example, walk your puffle down to the bottom left and it will go through the obstacle course. Or take your puffle up to the grooming area to give it a nice haircut. While you’re here at the Puffle Show, don’t forget to pick up your members-only free puffle jacket.

The Puffle Show in Club Penguin

Inside the Puffle Show in Club Penguin

Puffle Feeding

The puffle feeding area from last year’s party is back. Go to the snow forts and then follow the path at the top to get to the special puffle feeding area. Puffles pop out of holes in the ground and then you can throw snowballs at them. They’ll eat the snowball and then drop back down in the hole.

Puffle feeding in Club Penguin

The special puffle feeding area in Club Penguin

Special Puffle Decorated Areas

Many of the different areas in Club Penguin are decorated for the Puffle Party. Each area is themed for a different color penguin. Here is a quick rundown of the different areas and some screenshots of what they look like.

Cove – Red Puffles

The Cove is all about red puffles and pays homage to Yarr, the most famous red puffle of all.

Lighthouse – Yellow Puffles

Yellow puffles are showing off their artistic talents in the lighthouse. The main attraction here is the portrait painting area. Stand under the sign that says, Stand Here and the yellow puffle nearby will paint your portrait!

Forest – Blue Puffles

Blue Puffles are having fun over at the Forest, which has been transformed into a giant colored ball pen.

Beacon – Green Puffles

Go to the top of the lighthouse to reach the beacon, where Green Puffles are celebrating in style.

Night Club – Purple Puffles

The Night Club has been taken over by the purple puffles who are dancing and having a great time in the redecorated club.

Underground Pool – Black Puffles

The underground pool has been turned into an indoor skate park where the black puffles are hanging out. Press the big red button near the windows and the shades will cover them and the black puffles on the platforms will burst into flames.

Mine – White Puffles

The Mine is newly decorated for the 2010 edition of the puffle party. The white puffles are here enjoying the cold weather. The floor of the mine has been transformed into a giant skating rink.

Iceberg – Pink Puffles

Head over to the iceberg where the pink puffles are having a blast being active. There’s a trampoline and a jumprope. Pay attention to the bottom right corner and spot the snorkeling pink puffle.

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kewe February 13, 2011 at 5:51 am

do you know when the brown puffle is coming to the pet shop

kewe February 13, 2011 at 5:52 am

when is the brown puffle coming to the pet shop

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