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Club Penguin Orange Puffles

Orange Puffles have finally arrived for adoption at the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. Members can purchase them for 800 coins. The orange puffles are listed as being zany and curious. Their favorite toys are boxes and wagons. That explains why one of them showed up recently in the Box Dimension. Also, it’s said that they will sleep very deeply. Sure enough, if you adopt one and tell it to rest, it will pull out a pillow and conk out with some snores and drool. Orange Puffles have a few more tricks that they perform. Try playing with one in your igloo to see the cool green wagon that it pulls out and inflates.

club penguin orange puffle sleeping

Being zany is tiring for an orange puffle

Orange Puffles in Club Penguin

Club Penguin Orange Puffles are zany and cute

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