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Fairy Fables Returns to the Stage Again

Club Penguin’s Fairy Fables has returned to the stage again. Yes, it’s the third run for this play at the Club Penguin Stage. Fairy Fables was an award winner at the Club Penguin Play Awards last year, capturing the Best Costumes award and preventing the Quest for the Golden Puffle from sweeping the event. The storyline for the play follows three main characters, Prince Redhood, Grumpunzel, and Big Bad Wool. Big Bad Wool is probably my favorite character in all of the Club Penguin plays, and the sheep costume you can get in the catalog is the best costume ever.

You can play around with the Switchbox 3000 device to turn up a few secrets and surprises. My favorite is the lever, which causes a yellow puffle to appear in the bookcase back in the upper left corner.

There’s just one cheat in the costume trunk catalog. Click on the CD player that appears on the bookshelf behind Twee (the play’s narrator) to get the silver wand, which costs 150 coins.

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