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Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats for January 2010

There is a brand new Better Igloos catalog for January/February 2010 and it’s full of some really good stuff, including the usual Club Penguin cheats and hidden items. This time, the mysterious and fun portal box has returned. This box first showed up around the April Fool’s party last year and stepping on it sends you to the Box Dimension, a really strange and crazy room in Club Penguin. Let’s take a look at all the hidden items and cheats!

January 2010 Igloo Catalog Cheats Video

Here’s a video that shows all of the cheats. If you want to read the full descriptions with screenshots, see below.

January 2010 Igloo Catalog Hidden Items and Cheats

Here’s how to find all of the hidden items and cheats in the current issue of Better Igloos, the Club Penguin furniture catalog.

Portal Box

The amazing portal box has returned. Click on the middle of the purple stone couch to get it. The portal box costs 200 coins and can be placed in your igloo. When you step on it, you’ll be transported to the Box Dimension!


The sleek new HD TV can be yours if you click on the blue base of the stone lamp. The TV costs 1000 coins.

Snowboard Rack

Click on the middle of the ski rack to get the snowboard rack for 600 coins.


click on the blue bird on the snowman’s hat to get the Nutcracker. It costs 950 coins.

Small Christmas Tree

Christmas may be long gone, but you can still get the Christmas decorations for your igloo, including the small Christmas Tree. Click on the red bow in the Christmas Wreath to buy it for 400 coins.

Christmas Lights

There’s more hidden Christmas stuff in the catalog. Click on the yellow star on top of the large Christmas Tree to get the Christmas Lights for 30 coins per strand. Get a bunch of strands and be that annoying penguin who leaves all the Christmas decorations up until May or June.

Coat Rack

Click on the blue modern chair to get the coat rack. It costs 200 coins.

Shoe Rack

Click on the driftwood in the fish tank to get the shoe rack, which will set you back 120 coins.

Wood Stove

Click on the front right leg of the coffee table to get the wood stove, which costs 900 coins.


Click on the right snow tower where it says Build Your Own Snow Fort to get the Fireplace, which costs 1200 coins.


Click on the top edge of the snow fortress wall to get the icicles, which cost 150 coins each.

That wraps it up for another month’s edition of the Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog cheats. Hope you enjoyed it!

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