Post image for Club Penguin Times Issue 214

Club Penguin Times Issue 214

I usually never write about the new issue of the Club Penguin Times, but since Club Penguin is running late with their usual Thursday night update, here are some highlights from the most recent issue of the newspaper.

There’s a whole story on Card-Jitsu Fire, the new game that’s arriving on November 24. I really like how in all the pictures, the ninjas and Sensei are next to bottles of hot sauce. The other big news is that on November 27, a celebration will kick off at the Ski Village to celebrate the coming of winter. There will be some new games and activities and a new issue of the Sports Catalog at the Sports Shop.

There’s also an in-depth article about the new play at the stage, Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed.

And of course once the update goes live, there will be a new pin hidden, and a new igloo catalog along with some new igloo upgrades. Keep your eyes peeled!

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