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Card-Jitsu Codes Giveaway

Hey, this giveaway is now over. I will pick the winners by random draw once I get the list of everyone who subscribed together later today. Thank you everyone who subscribed to my YouTube channel. You rock! Winners will be listed here soon!

Hey everyone. I get a lot of comments and questions about Card-Jitsu codes, which are among the most popular Club Penguin cheats in the game. A lot of people want free codes, especially now with all the excitement building around the game again with Sensei’s appearance and the release of the new series of trading cards. It looks like some really exciting stuff is about to happen in the secret ninja hideout, so if you’re not a ninja yet, you really want to get it quick. And using the unlock codes gives you special cards that make it easier to advance in the game. Much, much easier!

Of course a code can only be used once, so no one is really going to give away their unlock codes for the game. But the thing is I’m already a black belt ninja and I don’t feel like leveling up another penguin and I’ve got a bunch of extra codes lying around that I’m not using. So I thought I’d give some away!

I thought about it and what I’d really like is to have more people subscribe to my YouTube videos. I don’t know if you’ve seen all of my videos but I work pretty hard on them and would love to get more subscribers. I only have 53 subscribers right now because I don’t promote my videos all that much. I just embed them in my posts to help people out with stuff, like finding all the hidden items in the clothing catalogs.

So here’s how the giveaway will work:

  • In the next few days, I will pick five lucky people who are subscribers to my YouTube video channel and give them each a Card-Jitsu unlock code.
  • All you need to do to be eligible is to subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  • To subscribe, just click on the big yellow subscribe button next to my username on any of my videos or the channel page.

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Do it now because I’m going to give the codes away soon!


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