The Club Penguin August 2009 Clothing Catalog Cover

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for August 2009

There’s a new Penguin Style catalog out and with it a lot of new clothes and items to wear in Club Penguin. As always, there are some new hidden items and Club Penguin clothing catalog cheats. The new clothing items are pretty cool and feature a lot of Penguin flying gear, including a test glider, aviator goggles, a pilot’s jacket and a lot more. All of it is there to celebrate the upcoming Club Penguin Festival of Flight.

Festival of Flight Special Clothing

Club Penguin Flying Clothes including the pilot gear and fairy wings.

Club Penguin Flying Clothes including the pilot gear and fairy wings.

The Club Penguin Test Glider and Aviator Goggles

The Club Penguin Test Glider and Aviator Goggles

Unfortunately there are no new hidden items or cheats in this month’s catalog. The hidden items are all old, but here they are.

Red Viking Helmet

The Red Viking helmet is hidden in every Club Penguin Style catalog and August, 2009 is no exception. Just like last month, you’ll find it by clicking on the bar in the middle of the open piano.


Blue Viking Helmet

As usual, you can get the Blue Viking Helmet by clicking on the red viking helmet and again on the piano. Repeat three times and you’ll get the Blue helmet.


Crystal Staff

Click on the word PENGUINS in Penguins at work to get the crystal staff.



Click on the shell in the middle of the snowy beach to get the canteen.


Woodsman’s Hat

Head over to the Clearance section for your last chance at the Medieval Party gear. Click on the window on the right to get the Woodsman’s Hat.


Blue Dragon Costume

Click on the shadow behind the stairs for the Blue Dragon costume.


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