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Sensei Sightings on Club Penguin

Lots of people are reporting that they’re finding Sensei on Club Penguin with the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker. That’s great! A lot of people are also reporting that the servers or the ninja hideout rooms are full. Club Penguin is really busy today with all the excitement around Sensei’s arrival. The best thing you can do is be patient. Because the rooms fill up fast when he arrives, sometimes the best strategy is to pick a popular server (he visits popular servers more often) and just wait in the ninja hideout until he gets there.

I’m working on the tracker today to improve it so that it will incorporate more direct feedback from players when Sensei is spotted. This will work a lot like the different comment trackers out there but be more organized and automated. I hope to have it finished later today! In the meantime, keep looking and don’t worry too much if the servers are full. If you are patient, you’ll find him. Good luck!!!

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