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Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for July 2009

Wow it’s already the first Friday of the month and you know what that means. It’s time for the new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog. The new issue of Penguin Style for July 2009 is here and it’s filled with lots of new clothes and styles. The catalog has a musical theme in anticipation of the upcoming Music Jam Party later this month. There are also some hidden items in this month’s catalog. Unfortunately none of the hidden items are new. They’ve all appeared in clothing catalogs before. That’s kind of disappointing, but here’s how you can find them.

Red Viking Helmet

It just isn’t an issue of Penguin Style without the Red Viking Helmet. This time it’s hidden inside the piano.

Club Penguin Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the Red Viking helmet to close it and then repeat three more times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Club Penguin Blue Viking Helmet


Click on the seashell in the middle of the group of penguins on the beach to get the canteen. The seashell is brown and small and appears right on the crease in the middle of the catalog.


Crystal Staff

Click on the word PENGUINS in the Penguins at Work section to get the crystal staff.

Club Penguin Crystal Staff

Woodsman’s Hat

The woodsman’s hat is back again too, and it’s in the same spot as before. Click on the window on the right to get it.

Club Penguin Woodsman's Hat

Blue Dragon Costume

The Blue Dragon costume is yours by clicking on the shadow behind the staircase. It’s the shadow of a dragon making it an obvious hiding spot.

Club Penguin Blue Dragon Costume

Graduation Cap

Click on the letter C in CLEARANCE to get the Black Graduation Cap.

Club Penguin Black Graduation Cap

That’s it for the July 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats. Hopefully the August catalog will have some new items hidden inside.

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