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Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for June, 2009

The latest issue of Penguin Style, the main Club Penguin clothing catalog, is out. It has an adventure theme for this month’s upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party on June 12. Now’s your chance to get some adventure gear for the party. Of course, there are plenty of Club Penguin clothing catalog cheats and hidden items. Here’s where they all are!


Click on the rock in the bottom left corner to get the new hidden canteen.


Crystal Staff

The crystal staff from the medieval clothing catalog is back in the June issue of Penguin Style. Click on the brick in the wall to get it.


Woodsman’s Hat

The woodsman’s hat is on the same page. Click on the big window on the right to see it.


Blue Dragon Costume

The blue dragon costume is also back. Click on the shadow of the dragon behind the staircase to get it.


Black Graduation Cap

It’s graduation time and you can get a black graduation cap by clicking on the coffee cup on the left that is on top of the coffee table.


Red Viking Helmet

The red viking helmet appears each month and the June catalog is no exception. Click where the spotlights cross on the second clearance page to get it. Of course, wherever the red viking helmet is, so is the blue viking helmet. Click on the red helmet to close it and then repeat three times to get the blue viking helmet.


Adventure Player Background Cards

There are four new player background cards with an adventure theme for the upcoming party. These aren’t hidden items or cheats, but remember that even non-members can buy them!


That’s it for the Club Penguin June 2009 clothing catalog cheats. This month’s catalog is really fun and make sure you get geared up for the big adventure party on June 12. Oh and here’s the full video of all the cheats and secrets for the catalog.

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