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Club Penguin Adventure Party

The new Club Penguin Adventure Party is here and it’s a big one. A lot of the rooms are decorated with a safari feel and there are plants growing everywhere. The main activity for the party is the Adventure Hunt and there are two free items. One is a green safari hat for everyone and the other is a tropical bird for members only. There’s also a special room for members called the tree fort.

Free Item: Green Safari Hat

To get the green safari hat, go to the Plaza and look for the box of hats in the lower-left corner.


Tree Fort and Free Tropical Bird Item

Members can get into a special area from the forest. Click on the rope ladder to go up to the tree fort. Walk over the covered bridges to get to the box of tropical birds and get one to keep!



Other Club Penguin Adventure Party Sights

Be sure to do the Club Penguin Adventure Hunt to get a special adventure party background and check out a lot of the rooms in Club Penguin. Many of them are decorated for the party. Like the iceberg, which has a tropical island on it, or the Dock, which has a wooden river boat with a scrolling background. The snow forts looks like a lost stone temple and the ice rink has been turned into a super pool with a water polo game. There’s lot’s to see at the Club Penguin Adventure Party!

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