Club Penguin No Names Glitch

Hide Names of Penguins

No Names in the Box Dimension

Here is a fun glitch that you can do where you can hide all the names of Penguins on your screen. It’s a fun glitch but probably not that useful and it only appears this way for you.

Follow these steps to do it. You must be a member and you must have the portal box, which you buy from the box store at the snow forts.

  • If you haven’t already, place your portal box in your igloo.
  • Walk away from the portal box to the side of your igloo.
  • Click once on the portal and then quickly click once on the edit igloo button (the tape measure).
  • You’ll go to the Box Dimension, but when you arrive, no one will have any names!
  • You can use your map to travel anywhere on Club Penguin and no penguins will show their names.
  • You can turn the names back on by returning to your igloo and clicking Edit Igloo again and then Save Igloo.

Here is a screenshot of the Plaza with no penguin names.

No penguin names at plaza

Bonus Weird Glitch

I don’t know exactly how I did this but when I was testing out the no names glitch I went to my igloo from the stage and it looked like all these penguins were in my igloo with me. But they weren’t. I could tell because they were all quoting from the script inside the stage. Weird! If I can figure out how to do this again I will post the exact steps.

Crowd of Penguins in my igloo

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