April Fool’s Day on Club Penguin

It’s April Fool’s Day on Club Penguin and there are a lot of secrets, cheats and surprises for everyone. The whole island is decorated with lots of strange boxes that do all kinds of things. Make sure you move your mouse over all of them as you walk by to see lots of fun animations.

Free Blue Propellor Cap

There is a free blue propellor cap in the Mine. There is a really cool cheat with the cap. If you wear only the cap and then do a dance action you will fly up in the air a little bit. It works just like the one last year.

Club Penguin Blue Propellor Cap

Club Penguin fly with blue propellor cap

The Box Store

There is a box store at the snow forts. If you go inside you can throw paint balloons at a canvas and of course if you are a member you can buy cardboard boxes for your igloo. There’s one strange looking box called the portal box and it costs 200 coins. You definitely want to buy this box because it does something really special. Read on…

Club Penguin Box Store Boxes

The Box Dimension

If you buy a portal box and then put in your igloo it will do something special and secret when you walk on it. It will take you to the Box Dimension! Here’s what the box dimension looks like. Kind of weird! A fun little cheat for the box dimension is to throw a snowball. Instead of flying through the air the normal way (up and then down) it kind of bounces up and down. It works best if you stand in one corner and throw it as far in the other direction as you can.

Club Penguin Box Dimension

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