Club Penguin Ski Village

Ski Village

The ski village is a fun area of Club Penguin. The primary attraction here is the Tour Booth, where you can take a quiz to become a tour guide. It’s also where penguins generally meet up to start taking tours. The ski village also provides access to the Winter Sport Shop and the Ski Lodge.

Club Penguin Ski Village

Tour Booth

The tour booth is located right in the middle of the room, next to the bottom of the ski lift that heads up to the top of the ski hill. If you click on the tour booth, you can take a quiz to become a tour guide. This is also the recommended place for penguins to meet to start tours.

tour booth in Club Penguin

Secrets in the Ski Village

There aren’t many good secrets or cheats in the ski village area. There is one simple animation trick. If you move your cursor over the inner-tubes in front of the Winter Sport Shop, they will bounce up into the air.

Club Penguin Bouncing Inner-tubes in Ski Village

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