Club Penguin Coffee Shop Guide

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is a fun place to hang out in Club Penguin. Sometimes penguins will spend some time sitting around on the couches or will put on their aprons to work in the shop and serve coffee. There is a staircase in the bottom right corner that leads upstairs to the Book Room.

Club Penguin Coffee Shop

Bean Counter

You can play the Bean Counter mini-game here by clicking on the sack of beans that say JAVA on them. They are right below the counter.

Club Penguin Bean Counter

Coffee Shop Secrets

There aren’t too many other secrets in the Coffee Shop. But one fun trick is to click on the large menu board behind the counter. It will switch between saying, “Coffee and Croissants” and “Tea and Scones” when you click on it.

Club Penguin Coffee Shop Menu Board

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