Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats for March 2009

Looking for the April Clothing catalog? It just came out so click here for the April 2009 Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats!

The March 2009 issue of the Club Penguin Style clothing catalog has arrived in the Gift Shop. It is full of new clothes to celebrate both St. Patrick’s Day and the upcoming Penguin Awards with lots of fancy outfits. The new catalog is also filled with plenty of club penguin cheats and secrets to find. Here’s some of the new clothing catalog cheats.

Pot o’ Gold

Click on the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow to get, well, the pot o’ gold!

Club Penguin Pot O'Gold


Click on the word more on the Club Penguin Awards page to get the purple boa.


Red Viking Helmet

Of course the Red Viking Helmet is hidden once again in the Penguin Style Catalog. This is one of the oldest clothing catalog cheats. This time it is hidden on the page with the white tuxedo and the black party dress. Click on the lights in the background where they cross to get it.

Club Penguin Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet

As always you get the blue viking helmet by clicking on the red one and then repeating three or four times.

Club Penguin Blue Viking Helmet

The Spikester

Click on the FE on the coffee shop sign to get the Spikester wig.

Club Penguin Spikester Wig

The Spikette

Click on the purple square in the middle of the dance floor to get the Spikette. Thank you Cleo April for finding this one. I missed it the first time I looked for all the clothing catalog cheats.

Spikette Wig

Fruit Headdress

Click on the R in CLEARANCE on the second clearance page to get the fruit headdress.

Club Penguin Fruit Headdress.

New Player Card Backgrounds

There are also some new player card backgrounds.

Club Penguin Player Card Backgrounds for March 2009

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