Secrets of Catchin’ Waves in Club Penguin

Club Penguin Catchin' Waves

Catchin’ Waves is one of the better mini-games in Club Penguin. It has lots of different modes and tons of very cool cheats and secrets that make the game a lot more fun and get you more coins. Want to know all the cheats and secrets? Read on!

Where to Play Catchin’ Waves

The first thing to know about playing Catchin’ Waves is that you play it by going to the Surf Hut in the Cove. You can get to the Cove by clicking on your map or by walking there from the Forest. The Surf Hut is over on the right side of the screen. Go there to play the game.

Club Penguin Surf Hut in the Cove

Catchin’ Waves Game Modes

There are four different modes for playing Catchin’ Waves and each mode has its own special tips, tricks, secrets and cheats. The four modes are: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition and Survival. The very first one you should do is Surf Lesson because it teaches you the basic way to play the game.

Surf Lesson

This is the tutorial mode for the Catchin’ Waves game and you definitely want to do it at least once because you will learn some really important tips on how to play. I’m not going to go into detail here because all of it is covered in this tutorial.


This is the normal surfing mode where you surf by yourself, or with your red puffle if you bring one, and get points for doing tricks.


In this mode, you have three judges who want you to do certain tricks to impress them. You get points for doing the tricks and depending on how many tricks you do and how long you stay on the board, you will rank.


In this mode, you surf in dangerous water with rough seas and icebergs that can knock you off your board. You get points for tricks and bonus points for distance. The longer you stay on your surfboard, the more points you can get.

Catchin’ Waves Tricks

Here are all of the tricks that you can perform in Catchin’ Waves.

  • Ice Breaker: Press the A + W or left and up keys at the same time.

  • Coastal Kick: Press the A + D or left and right keys at the same time.

  • Blender: Press the S + D keys or down and right keys at the same time.

  • Lazy wave: Press the S + W keys or down and up keys at the same time.

  • Backstand: Press the S + A keys or the down and left keys at the same time.

  • Surf fever: Press the D + W keys or the right and up keys at the same time.

  • Shooting the tube: Hold back until you reach the curved part of the wave. This will slowly gain points and you will see a counter to the right of your penguin as you go.

  • Flipping: Moving the mouse in circles while in the air lets your penguin do flips.

  • Pressing any A S D or W key / left, down,right or up in air lets your penguin do a basic aerial trick. Flipping at the same time increases points.

  • Grind: When in the air pressing the left mouse button pulls your penguin down faster, if you do not stop pressing the button your penguin will grind when landed.

Secrets and Cheats for Making Coins

Here are some good secrets and cheats for making the most coins possible in the least time with Catchin’ Waves.

  • Surf with the Silver Surfboard to go faster.
  • One of the easiest way to make coins fast is to do Survival Mode. Shoot the Tube while constantly pressing the D key or right arrow to perform a simple Dance trick. Hit the key really fast over and over and you will get 10 points each time.
  • Surf with your red puffle to get extra points for every trick you do in the air, like a flip.

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