Club Penguin Puffle Party Update

Everyone is getting ready for the Club Penguin Puffle Party which starts tomorrow. There is an update on the Club Penguin blog that there will be a new igloo catalog tomorrow and that it will include some puffle posters.

Puffle Posters

There are also a lot of rumors going around about a new color puffle coming out. In the new wallpaper that was posted on the Club Penguin site there are eight puffles: one of each known kind and then an extra secret puffle hiding in the shadows inside the puffle toy.

Puffles playing with their furniture

What do you think? Will there be a surprise eighth puffle revealed at the party? If so, what color will it be? Personally, I think it would be an orange puffle since that’s the only major color they’re missing and it’s also a color used by penguins. But it could be either the mysterious golden puffle or the rumored rainbow puffle too. Or this could just be a mistake or joke in the wallpaper drawing and there won’t be any new puffles. What do you think? Please post a comment!

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