Club Penguin February 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

These cheats and secrets are for the February, 2009 clothing catalog. Visit my Clothing Catalog Cheats and Secrets for March, 2009 page to see the newest clothing catalog secrets and hidden items.

The February 2009 edition of Penguin Style is available in the Gift Shop and as always there are a few good Club Penguin Secrets and Cheats that are part of it. There are plenty of hidden items but none of them are new items. You have seen them all before in earlier clothing catalogs.

Spikester Wig

Click on the S in T-Shirts to get the Spikester Wig.


Spikette Wig

Click on the E in Penguins at Work to get the Spikette Wig.


Fruit Headdress

Click on the blue light in the middle of the pages to get the Fruit Headdress.



Red Viking Helmet

Click on the potted plant to get the Red Viking Helmet.


Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the red viking helmet three times to get the blue viking helmet (click on the red helmet to close it then click on the potted plant again to open it and repeat three times).


Yellow Scarf

Click on the snowman’s face to get the yellow scarf.


Pink Pom Pom Toque

Click on A in Clearance to get the pink pom pom toque.


Red Hoodie

Click on the L in Clearance on the next page to get the red hoodie.


Those are all the hidden items and secrets in the February 2009 Penguin Style clothing catalog. A lot of different items this month but kind of disappointing that none of them are new.

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