Club Penguin Beach Guide

The Beach

The beach is a popular hang-out spot in Club Penguin. There normally isn’t very much to do here but the beach is very popular when Rockhopper arrives as this is where he docks the Migrator on his visits.

Club Penguin Beach

The Beach is the main way to get inside the Lighthouse and up to the Beacon, although secret agent penguins can teleport to those places directly with their spy phones and do not need to go through the beach.

Snow Pail

There is one small secret for the Beach. There are two red chairs along with a green snow pail and a purple shovel. If you move your cursor over the green snow pail, it will animate and start to fill with snow. If you do it several times, it will fill completely with snow and then overturn to make a tiny snow castle which appears for a few seconds.

Snow Pail and Shovel at the Beach in Club Penguin

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