Tip the Iceberg on Club Penguin

The Iceberg can’t be tipped…yet

The iceberg in Club Penguin

One of the biggest rumors on Club Penguin is how can the iceberg be tipped. A lot of people claim that there are secrets and cheats for tipping the iceberg but they are not true. The iceberg cannot be tipped no matter what you try. The iceberg will not tip!

It is still fun to try to tip the iceberg, and sometimes old penguins will tease newbie players and get them to try to do things like stand on one side of the iceberg or use jackhammers to break it apart.

Trying to tip the iceberg in Club Penguin

There are a lot of fake stories, pictures and videos about the iceberg tipping in Club Penguin. Some of the fakes are really bad and obvious. This picture is one of my favorites because it looks very real. But it’s not.

Fake iceberg tip

It’s possible that Club Penguin will make the iceberg tip in the future. There was another rumor about ninjas in Club Penguin that came true. Because tipping the iceberg is such a big rumor in Club Penguin it makes sense that they would turn it into a big story sometime and maybe soon!

What do you think? Will the iceberg ever tip in Club Penguin? Take this poll and vote on when you think they will make it finally tip.

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aiooda12 January 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

its possible, but its not likely.

you can tip the berg, you need twenty to fifty penguins to do it

drill on one side then it tipped

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