The Secrets of Cart Surfer

One of the least-known Club Penguin secrets is that Cart Surfer is one of the best mini-games for making coins quickly. Even though there are a few games that get coins fast, Cart Surfer is the best. The games go by really fast and you get a lot of coins. It is also very easy to play the game once you learn the basic moves and secrets to the combos.

Keep reading to learn what those secret moves are.

Cart Surfer Instructions

In cart surfer, your penguin is riding down a mine shaft in a metal cart on rails. You can do tricks like jumps, backflips in spins while you are on the straightaways and then lean left and right to tilt the cart to go through turns. You score points by doing tricks. You can’t do any jumps or flips on the turns or you will crash.

To lean to the left, press the left arrow. To lean to the right, press the right arrow. To jump, press the space bar. The up and down arrows change how you ride in the cart.

Different combinations of these keys can produce secret moves that get you a lot of points.

Getting the Most Coins in Cart Surfer

The key to getting the most coins in Cart Surfer is to master just three simple moves and then to repeat them over and over again.

The two trick moves are the backflip and the jump and spin. The backflip is done by pressing the down arrow and then the space bar. The jump and spin is done by pressing the space bar and then either the left arrow or right arrow. You get 100 points for the backflip and 80 points for the jump and spin. But remember to always alternate back and forth because if you do the same trick two times in a row you only get half the points for the move.

Doing Tricks in Cart Surfer

The third move is the grind, which you can do on the turns. Right when you enter a turn, press the down arrow and either the left or right arrow together and hold them down until you exit the turn. You will get between 30 and 70 points depending on how long you held the grind. But be careful not to do this move for too long or you will fall. It takes a little practice to get the timing right.

Grinding the turns in Cart Surfer

If you just repeat the backflip/jump-and-spin on the straightaways and do grinds on the turns, you should get about 300-350 coins per game. Each game lasts a little over 1 minute so you’re getting about 300 coins per minute in this game or 18,000 coins per hour!

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